Hunt for the Best Spa – The Peninsula Spa

I confess…I’m dainty. I love to be pampered. And if I’m going to spend any amount of money I’m always curious to find the best place to go. So I’ve taken it upon myself to always be on the hunt for the best spa. I tend to go around those in LA or cities where I’m on location. I’ve been to some amazing spas. I’d have to say my favorite was in Nassau, Bahamas, The One and Only club. This was sheer paradise. I truly loved the Bahamas and just have to make it back to this spa. You get your own private, I don’t know, I guess you would call it a small villa or hut. Completely private and the therapist comes in to you. The resorts are very secluded, right on the beach. But that’s for a later review….

Here’s my little trek into what I heard from someone was an amazing spa. Something about a diamond massage. 🙂


Peninsula Spa ~ Beverly Hills