Acceptance Leads to Success

It was 1998 and I was working at Gladstone’s in Malibu. This was not really a great thing for me. Actually it was really really bad. Here I was an actress in LA still waiting tables after I don’t know how many years. And now, they wouldn’t even allow me to wait tables they made me be a hostess first. Horrible! But it was here waitressing, hosting, and cleaning bathrooms at Gladstone’s in Malibu, where I had a turning point.

I had been reading Deepak Chopra’s book about our creating a life of affluence. Now I had read this book many many times, but this time when I read it, something stuck out. And I remembered reading something about you had to accept where you are, but that didn’t mean that accepting your current situation was going to stop you from getting to where you wanted to be. I had been acting like I had to fight against my current situation. But this made life a daily battle. I had really just been hating my life as a waitress waiting for my life as an actress to take off. So the idea of acceptance was like a breath of fresh air for me. When that moment occurred I began to look at everything differently. I began to appreciate the fact that I worked on the ocean. I loved looking at the ocean every day. It’s the reason I moved to Los Angeles. And even though I really made no money I worked with some pretty cool people. And as I began to just become observant of all the wonderful people God put in my life, I ended up meeting a fellow waitress who was a comedian and she introduced me to her manager, who also repped some big names. That company would become my very first manager, and help launch the early days of my career. And then it happened. I booked a starring role in my first film Ringmaster. Success!
So about a month from my “moment of acceptance” of my life as a waitress, I had to quit being a waitress to star in my first movie, and never looked back.
I worked with the amazingly funny Tangie Ambrose, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Michael Jai White, and Jamie Pressly. We had a blast in this movie, most of which we did improv.

Here I am with Tangie and Wendy on the red carpet celebrating my very first film Jerry Springer’s Ringmaster. It was a blast to make it, I could never have been more excited than that moment. My parents flew out to see me in this film for the premiere, which was interesting. (After all, it was JERRY SPRINGER!) But nevertheless, it was my beginning. And perhaps if I had not had that “moment of acceptance” I would’ve blocked so many blessings that were literally, right around the corner.


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Brunch with Celebrity Chef Ed

One of my favorite things to do is to have a lazy Sunday Brunch after church. My good friend Chef Ed served up some yummy food today. Shrimp and grits. Now I happen to have never really liked grits, but I guess when you’ve only had them out of the box, you just ain’t been living. So I was truly surprised and how GOOOOD this food was. Chef served up 4 courses and bottomless mimosas. smh….loved it. I watched the Golden Globes that night very very happy.


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Nicki Premieres her Short Film ‘Veil’ in Hollywood

Lincoln Heights star Nicki Micheaux has now added director and producer to her credits; Nicki hosted the screening of her new short film VEIL in Hollywood last week. The actress and director also stars in the film along with veteran actor Richard Roundtree.  Congrats to Nicki on the new film!

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