Nicki Micheaux Options the Life Story of Former Secret Service Agent to the Obamas

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Actress, Nicki Micheaux (Lincoln Heights, In the Dark, Good Trouble) has optioned the life story of former Secret Service Agent, Holli Draines.  Draines is an African American woman who started in law enforcement, then navigated her career from hometown police officer to United States Secret Service Agent.  Micheaux is developing the project and assembling her team to produce the story for television. 

Producers attached to the project are Corinne Kingsbury, (Executive Producer of In the Dark), and Fourth Wall.  Micheaux, will both star as Holli Draines and produce the project.   

“When I learned of Holli Draines, I knew that I wanted to be the one to tell her powerful story.   I have built a career on playing strong female roles.  This is a culmination of the strength, sensitivity, and wit of those characters combined with the real-life situations of a true badass female.  The opportunity to be both in front and behind the camera is exhilarating,” said Micheaux.

Draines, whose story takes her from white-collar crimes to Presidential Detail during the Obama Administration has an innate nature to protect and serve.  She became inspired during an internship at the local police department while in college, where she found her true calling during ride-alongs.  That experience led her to join the police academy, where she graduated at the top of her class and went on to join the local police force.  It was then that she decided to attend graduate school to further her education.  That is where she was recruited to join the Secret Service.  From there life went from investigations and protection in Brooklyn, to serving the Obama’s in Washington.  She is currently the owner of an elite security firm that is 100% minority owned and operated.  

Micheaux is represented by attorney Jeff Bernstein, of Jackoway Austen Tyerman Wertheimer Mandelbaum Morris Bernstein Trattner & Klein, and managers Avi Gilbert and Jon Huddle, Fourth Wall Management.


Animal Kingdom Premiere TONIGHT

Wow. This show is really twisted and I love it. Watch it tonight. I tried to talk a little bit about what it’s like for me to walk on the wild side with TNT’s new show Animal Kingdom.


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Diverse indie movies!

My new project – Low Life the movie. The sordid lives of small-time criminals collide when an organ harvesting caper goes very, very wrong. My role in this film is a complicated woman, just trying to make-up for a lifetime of mistakes. A very different mother than Jenn, from Lincoln Heights. It’s a wonderful challenge for an actor to play really big problems, in a very simple way. Love that. But what really drew me to the project was the chance to work again with one of my favorite directors, Ryan Prows.  Our previous film, Narcocorrido, won numerous festivals around the world. Joining together again to shoot off more guns. We have tons of fun. We will complete principal photography in a few weeks and then off to show the world!

Low Life the movie. Follow us and ride it out.

Low Life –

facebook –

twitter – @lowlifethemovie


Acceptance Leads to Success

It was 1998 and I was working at Gladstone’s in Malibu. This was not really a great thing for me. Actually it was really really bad. Here I was an actress in LA still waiting tables after I don’t know how many years. And now, they wouldn’t even allow me to wait tables they made me be a hostess first. Horrible! But it was here waitressing, hosting, and cleaning bathrooms at Gladstone’s in Malibu, where I had a turning point.

I had been reading Deepak Chopra’s book about our creating a life of affluence. Now I had read this book many many times, but this time when I read it, something stuck out. And I remembered reading something about you had to accept where you are, but that didn’t mean that accepting your current situation was going to stop you from getting to where you wanted to be. I had been acting like I had to fight against my current situation. But this made life a daily battle. I had really just been hating my life as a waitress waiting for my life as an actress to take off. So the idea of acceptance was like a breath of fresh air for me. When that moment occurred I began to look at everything differently. I began to appreciate the fact that I worked on the ocean. I loved looking at the ocean every day. It’s the reason I moved to Los Angeles. And even though I really made no money I worked with some pretty cool people. And as I began to just become observant of all the wonderful people God put in my life, I ended up meeting a fellow waitress who was a comedian and she introduced me to her manager, who also repped some big names. That company would become my very first manager, and help launch the early days of my career. And then it happened. I booked a starring role in my first film Ringmaster. Success!
So about a month from my “moment of acceptance” of my life as a waitress, I had to quit being a waitress to star in my first movie, and never looked back.
I worked with the amazingly funny Tangie Ambrose, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Michael Jai White, and Jamie Pressly. We had a blast in this movie, most of which we did improv.

Here I am with Tangie and Wendy on the red carpet celebrating my very first film Jerry Springer’s Ringmaster. It was a blast to make it, I could never have been more excited than that moment. My parents flew out to see me in this film for the premiere, which was interesting. (After all, it was JERRY SPRINGER!) But nevertheless, it was my beginning. And perhaps if I had not had that “moment of acceptance” I would’ve blocked so many blessings that were literally, right around the corner.


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Nicki Guest Stars with Josh Duhamel on Battle Creek

What fun it was working with Josh on this show. It was great to be packing a gun and spend days cooped in a van with one the nicest HOT guys in town. I play a by the book FBI agent, which was great, considering how silly I am in real life.

Season Finale airs Sunday 5/24 10/9c on CBS.


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My Africa, My Africa

My time has come. Time to shake off the burdens of doubts and fears. Time to face the full force of those things which have long lingered in my consciousness. Dreams deferred by necessity. Perhaps, but it doesn’t matter now. I’m going forward. Africa. The country: Zimbabwe.  I had the chance to go 20 years ago to work on a famine relief project. Recent graduate student, bright, idealistic – but I put all that aside to pursue the sensible thing…Hollywood! You have to laugh. There’s nothing sensible about pursuing an acting career. It’s jumping off the highest cliff you can find, but it had to be done. Nothing could keep me from pursuing acting.

And so, I thought Africa would leave me. That as life and career, wife and motherhood roles took me over, that Africa would go on without me. But she didn’t. She stayed in my mind, ever present. I became an ambassador with Oxfam to pursue my desire to be in some way physically connected to Africa. At that time Darfur was the hot issue. But Darfur, they said was too dangerous. And now Darfur is all but forgotten – and their struggle continues still.

But I knew one thing…I knew I had to be a part of a group on the ground. A local community based group that would stay year in and year out, so that any work or monies given might come to some good. I marveled at the Ginghamsburg Church in Ohio and what they were able to do in Darfur. I wanted to do that. I went to my church – it could be done, but I would have to do it. I didn’t really know too much about building a mission…from scratch. I had the desire, but I didn’t have the capacity. Nor did I have a lifestyle where I could pick up and spearhead a mission in another country. What about my job? My kids? So I told Africa – “see! I tried. You can leave me now. I’ll go when I can.”

But she stayed, and waited. And then I heard of Voluntourism. I said to my Africa, I’m coming now.

I may never know why this is just one of those things “I have to do”. I’ll be writing every step of the journey! Excited, ecstatic, jubilant, loving the life I’m living. Want to come with me? Africa will be so glad I brought friends.


Brunch with Celebrity Chef Ed

One of my favorite things to do is to have a lazy Sunday Brunch after church. My good friend Chef Ed served up some yummy food today. Shrimp and grits. Now I happen to have never really liked grits, but I guess when you’ve only had them out of the box, you just ain’t been living. So I was truly surprised and how GOOOOD this food was. Chef served up 4 courses and bottomless mimosas. smh….loved it. I watched the Golden Globes that night very very happy.


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My Key to Happiness

There are things that are just awesome about life. For me, helping people is really everything. I’m most satisfied with my life, when what I’m doing is contributing to the growth of someone else… whether it’s personally or financially. (I’d like to help more spiritually but I have a lot of walking to do in that area.) My team is growing and I love it. We took this picture at our Mastermind training. Success is a mindset. I would’ve never imagined I would love this travel thingy as much as I do. Also I never knew social marketing was so rewarding and FUN. I’m truly having the time of my life.

January Mastermind 2015

January Mastermind 2015

Here’s to a very prosperous new year in every way.

“If you help someone else get what they want, you’ll get what you want.” ~ Zig Ziglar


Hunt for the Best Spa – The Peninsula Spa

I confess…I’m dainty. I love to be pampered. And if I’m going to spend any amount of money I’m always curious to find the best place to go. So I’ve taken it upon myself to always be on the hunt for the best spa. I tend to go around those in LA or cities where I’m on location. I’ve been to some amazing spas. I’d have to say my favorite was in Nassau, Bahamas, The One and Only club. This was sheer paradise. I truly loved the Bahamas and just have to make it back to this spa. You get your own private, I don’t know, I guess you would call it a small villa or hut. Completely private and the therapist comes in to you. The resorts are very secluded, right on the beach. But that’s for a later review….

Here’s my little trek into what I heard from someone was an amazing spa. Something about a diamond massage. 🙂


Peninsula Spa ~ Beverly Hills


Real Husbands of Hollywood – Prison Love

I had an absolute blast playing this character, Twinkie. Finally I get to do a little comedy!

Nicki Micheaux clip Real Husbands of Hollywood


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